Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Juneau Returns to Diesel Power Following Avalanche Monday

Photo from April 2008 showing tower locations. Photo by Bill Glude, courtesy of AELP's website archive.

It's time to pull together, Juneau. Remember all those great energy saving tips you employed last May? Well, it looks like we'll be needing those again.

As you've heard, an avalanche took out Tower 3/5 (see photo for the location), one of the more vulnerable towers supporting the transmission line from Snettisham to Juneau.

While AELP works to repair the damage, we need to work to conserve our electricity consumption as much as possible. And obviously, it will be more difficult than last spring because of the colder weather and shorter daylight hours.

Still, everything each of us can do will make a difference.

So let's:

  • keep the lights and appliances we're not using turned off
  • limit the hot water usage
  • get creative with cooking in the kitchen
  • if we can, shift to other sources of heat (wood, oil)
  • and most importantly, check on our friends and loved ones who may need extra support and assistance to see them through a possible extended period of higher electricity costs.

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